week in review PW 3

This week in Project Wonder was a bit boring and pretty uneventful in terms of not doing anything else than working on projects and recording information of how far I’ve gotten in the project and putting this information in a slideshow. I did have a conference with a teacher to decide an appropriate grade for this marking period. I finished a slide on leopard gecko morphs for my slideshow on leopard geckos so I could finally delete the bunch of pictures of leopard geckos that were eating my computer battery away. I still have a ton more screenshots and photos on my laptop but deleting those was a start. Also, I got levels 1-2 done on three of my unit projects which is really the only more important thing that I have really accomplished this week.

I hope that I can get finished reading this book called “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” by Yoru Sumino. No, this book isn’t what you think it’s about. In older times if you had a part of you that was hurting, for example, your heart, stomach, or in this case, a pancreas people would eat that part of an animal believing that doing so would heal that person. The girl in this book named Sakura has incurable pancreatic cancer and the doctors estimated that she has about a year left to live. yet instead of living up to her dreams and living her best life doing what she wants before she dies Sakura spends what time she has left with the most boring, gloomy kid in the school. I want to finish this book by Friday.

I have been trying to read as many interesting books as I can to help inspire me to make something of my own. I love writing. But, after just a couple sentences on paper, my hand gets tired and I give up on writing. I also feel like my work isn’t the best when I type my ideas right from the computer I find that my best work comes from writing a rough draft then typing it that’s why a lot of my what I would call “better” pieces of writing are either week in reviews or just random ideas I write down. Though I love writing its not my absolute favorite I like drawing characters and making art to tell stories rather than writing them done. I find that sometimes writing down some stories it makes them a bit dull to me.

Next week I hope to finish level three of some project units and maybe find some way to include mental health into a project for a unit.

week in review PW 2

Not much happened during this week in Project Wonder, but there are a few things that I can go into detail about. One major thing that I worked on during this week is my project portfolio to keep data of all of the units that I started and completed. There wasn’t anything particularly difficult about filling out and adding information to my portfolio and I finished rather quickly since I only had one completed unit to fill out which were the dispositions project. I also started an independent study on leopard geckos which so far I don’t have to do any research for in school since I  knew a lot about it beforehand. I also got to read a bit more of the current book that I am reading Misery by Stephen King which I’m happy about.

week in review PW 1

Last week, I made a paper airplane and almost won the “how long can the plane stay in the air” challenge/activity. I also got the last few chapters of my book Everlost finished during independent study, though I got stuck while working on my effective speaking project afterward.

During last week in Project Wonder, my table group took part in the Rube Goldberg inspired project which kind of failed since we started late because people were doing everything except brainstorming designs for the three parts of the project. I thought of some ideas (surprisingly) but I suddenly got confused with what was happening and what they were doing with the project and for some dumb reason, I thought I was going to be judged for my thoughts so I lingered back and kept quiet. Also, the people at my table were building the Rube Goldberg project in ways where my ideas simply fit.

On a lighter note, during that week we were also instructed to create a diagram on how to make toast. the steps ranged from when the ingredients were bought from the store until the person ate the toast.  if we had a bit more time I would’ve taken this diagram further to include more steps to show stuff like how did the bread and ingredients get to the store? but yet again I didn’t have enough time. I enjoyed this activity because the little doodles I did for each step turned out pretty well, even though I felt a bit rushed.

Next week, I hope to figure out exactly what I’m going to do for my level 4 effective speaking project and start working on it.