I’m sorry but, Creately sucks. (it’s annoying) weekly review PW 5

Last Friday, 6th grade went to blue Mountain for a field trip. Apparently, it was supposed to be an educational field trip to learn about the forces of motion but to me, it was just snow tubing. I didn’t learn much. By much I mean nothing at all and if I did perhaps learn anything I don’t remember it. I had a good time though, I laughed a lot and enjoyed the day with people that I’m close to. Even though I got an ice ball flown in my face on the way down the hill and almost froze to death because I refused to wear the coat that I brought with me and decided that I would be a good idea to stand in front of the fake snow machine till I lost feeling in the skin on my face. Not really, but I was cold. 

Now to things that happened this week in project wonder I finished my level 1 of two units sentence structure and the 4 C’s. I would’ve gotten level 2 done of both levels if creately.com would be cooperative and allow me to make more than 5 concept maps. I also went through this whole thing of trying to make the links to the concept maps less blurry. It wasted a ton of my time. I tried out google drawings but the workspace for the concept map was too small meaning I probably couldn’t fit 10 text bubbles into it. So from now on, I’m going to draw out my concept maps on paper. Yes, I will be a bit limited for the size of my concept map but I write small but big enough that it’s readable. 

I feel that I am not putting enough effort into my writing prompts lately so fixing that and along with completing maybe a few units are things that I hope to do next week. I also feel that not much was talked about in this weekly review but the text is long and I’m starting to feel that I am taking way too long on this assignment 

Grammarly disapproves of my writing because there’s too much punctuation.


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