week in review PW 6 -I finished two units this week

This week in project wonder I completed my level 2 of the 4 c’s and sentence structure. Since creately stopped working I had to draw my concept map on paper and I started rushing it since I wanted to get it done so my handwriting is a bit messy and the text bubbles are a bit lopsided and weird. Our class also made posters for a contest on the four different class rules. Which are 1 Give your best effort, 2 respect the classroom, 3 keep your learning environment/classroom happy, and 4 speak up for yourself. I made a poster for level one. I got extra time to finish my project since I wasn’t done. After the students made the projects they went around and voted on one poster for each rule. The poster that got the most votes would be hung up on the wall. There were two groups of posters that won, the posters that the students voted for and the posters that the learning coaches thought was worth hanging up. My poster got hung up for the ones that the teachers picked. I’m not extremely proud of my work I never am but it’s fine I guess because even though the poster isn’t my best work I’m not horribly ashamed of how it ended up. I have 7 project wonder units done (the bare minimum is 6 so I’m good) and I hope to start and finish at least one unit next week and by finish, I only mean levels 1 and 2 of the unit. 

I’m sorry but, Creately sucks. (it’s annoying) weekly review PW 5

Last Friday, 6th grade went to blue Mountain for a field trip. Apparently, it was supposed to be an educational field trip to learn about the forces of motion but to me, it was just snow tubing. I didn’t learn much. By much I mean nothing at all and if I did perhaps learn anything I don’t remember it. I had a good time though, I laughed a lot and enjoyed the day with people that I’m close to. Even though I got an ice ball flown in my face on the way down the hill and almost froze to death because I refused to wear the coat that I brought with me and decided that I would be a good idea to stand in front of the fake snow machine till I lost feeling in the skin on my face. Not really, but I was cold. 

Now to things that happened this week in project wonder I finished my level 1 of two units sentence structure and the 4 C’s. I would’ve gotten level 2 done of both levels if creately.com would be cooperative and allow me to make more than 5 concept maps. I also went through this whole thing of trying to make the links to the concept maps less blurry. It wasted a ton of my time. I tried out google drawings but the workspace for the concept map was too small meaning I probably couldn’t fit 10 text bubbles into it. So from now on, I’m going to draw out my concept maps on paper. Yes, I will be a bit limited for the size of my concept map but I write small but big enough that it’s readable. 

I feel that I am not putting enough effort into my writing prompts lately so fixing that and along with completing maybe a few units are things that I hope to do next week. I also feel that not much was talked about in this weekly review but the text is long and I’m starting to feel that I am taking way too long on this assignment 

Grammarly disapproves of my writing because there’s too much punctuation.