week in review PW 1

Last week, I made a paper airplane and almost won the “how long can the plane stay in the air” challenge/activity. I also got the last few chapters of my book Everlost finished during independent study, though I got stuck while working on my effective speaking project afterward.

During last week in Project Wonder, my table group took part in the Rube Goldberg inspired project which kind of failed since we started late because people were doing everything except brainstorming designs for the three parts of the project. I thought of some ideas (surprisingly) but I suddenly got confused with what was happening and what they were doing with the project and for some dumb reason, I thought I was going to be judged for my thoughts so I lingered back and kept quiet. Also, the people at my table were building the Rube Goldberg project in ways where my ideas simply fit.

On a lighter note, during that week we were also instructed to create a diagram on how to make toast. the steps ranged from when the ingredients were bought from the store until the person ate the toast.  if we had a bit more time I would’ve taken this diagram further to include more steps to show stuff like how did the bread and ingredients get to the store? but yet again I didn’t have enough time. I enjoyed this activity because the little doodles I did for each step turned out pretty well, even though I felt a bit rushed.

Next week, I hope to figure out exactly what I’m going to do for my level 4 effective speaking project and start working on it.

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